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A former art gallery, the expansive, vibrant and fully remodeled space is perfect for coworking

Rather than outfit a single office, we opted to go bigger and create an entire work ecosystem under one roof (and outside too!). With four stories in our very own building, we had the room to make DeskLabs everything we wanted from The Garage, our awesome gathering space, to private huddle rooms fashioned out of vintage elevator shafts. A welcoming creative space focused on Work and Wellness, Community and Collaboration.

Work Essentials

Whatever you might need to have a productive day is here. The best basics of any standard office, without anything else standard office-y.

  • Mail and Package Receipt
  • Storage Lockers
  • Conference Rooms

High-Tech Perks

We really can’t wait to see how our state-of-the-art tools inspire you. Available to every DeskLabs community member.

  • Wicked fast wifi
  • Online portal
  • Wireless Printer/Copier

Refuel and Fun

All work and play is the way we roll. Our coffee stations and healthy brain boostin’, energy sustain’ snacks refuel your work and recharge your spirit.

  • Coffee, tea and snacks
  • Kitchenette
  • Indoor and outdoor work space
  • Member Happy Hours

How do you want to work? Yup, we can do that.

We’d love to give you a tour. Get in touch to schedule your visit.

Work or fun, why not both? We’ve got you covered.

Our indoor and outdoor event spaces are a perfect blend of urban and warm, functional and fun. We’ve renovated the whole dang building, keeping its unique vintage charm and adding today’s best design thinking. From daylong events to weeknight gatherings to weekend parties, let’s plan something together.

Spaces Available

  • The Garage Indoor

    Some of the most innovative companies started in garages. We celebrate that with our largest event space, The Garage. This fully renovated area includes high ceilings, flexible seating, easy access to move furniture in/out, and a kitchenette. And when the Chicago weather cooperates, fling open the huge garage door and let the sun in.

  • Skyline Deck Outdoor

    Our rooftop deck offers full views of Chicago’s skyline, a stunning backdrop for any event. At 3,600 square feet the deck includes use of a bar and grill. Charm and comfort come from ambience-boosting café lights and outdoor heaters.

  • Belmont Room Indoor

    Long communal tables and sliding partitions make the Belmont Room a flexible option for work and social events. A bar ready to be stocked and elevator access provide easy set up.

  • Conference Rooms Indoor

    We have small and large conference rooms available by the hour or day.

About DeskLabs

We’re on a mission.

DeskLabs is out to connect the next wave of entrepreneurs, creatives, independents, and dreamers. Fueled by passion for our work and yours, we wanted to create the next iteration of coworking: An energizing place for our community to unleash their fullest potential.

So we built a truly unique coworking space.

DeskLabs is more than an office. We offer 16,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor work, play and event space located in the heart of Chicago’s thriving Lakeview neighborhood. It’s beautifully designed, thoughtfully crafted, and you should see the view from the roofdeck!

Full of like-minded, cross-discipline folks.

Find a designer talking with a tech entrepreneur, a consultant bouncing ideas around with a developer. A mix of collaborative, community-minded people working in a range of industries makes our space vibrant and innovative. You’re going to like coming to work each day.

We’ve got everything you need (and want).

The best ideas need the best tools. We’ve got the best work essentials and the techiest resources available, including the fastest Wi-Fi out there and a telepresence robot. Yep, a robot. Coffee bars galore, a kitchenette, The Garage, and outdoor space inspire creative interactions, chance encounters and organic networking.

All centrally located in a great part of town.

Spend less time commuting and more time creating. DeskLabs is centrally located in bustling and beautiful Lakeview. With a strategically located space on Clark Street, we’ve made it easy for you to frequent local shops, restaurants and businesses.

Easily accessible by bike or public transportation.

We’re walkable from the Red and Brown lines at Belmont, Diversey, and Wellington. Or, hop the Clark or Broadway bus. Our bike-friendly neighborhood also includes Divvy access and we have on-site bike storage. No matter how you get here, you’re going to be glad you came.

Core Values

We set out to build an intentional community focused on work and wellness. We operate under a set of common core values.

Community. Collaboration will change the world.

Whether you are a start-up of six or a solo superstar, we can all accomplish more together than alone. We believe that if you capitalize on the creative sparks, chance encounters and cross-pollination of ideas, you will leave a mark.

Creativity. It’s contagious.

A space to be your self, because everyone else is already taken. We help our community reach and exceed goals, even if that means exploring ideas and solutions previously thought to be impossible.

Support. Two heads are better than one.

Ideas can be messy. By connecting people and building a collaborative nucleus, we give people the clarity, confidence and direction they need to trailblaze a new path and manifest even the biggest idea. Untapped talent is wasteful—and we’re not wasteful.

The ‘Nesses.’ Playfulness, Wellness & Mindfulness.

Quality of life matters at work, too. Healthy bodies think healthy thoughts and healthy thoughts are unstoppable. By creating an experience that’s peppered with play, the mind is free to be more creative, more transformative and more productive. Members will be inspired to come to work each day. Now there’s a novel idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I explain coworking to people who’ve never heard of it?

Start by telling them coworking is awesome. Then, you can tell them that coworking offers a cost-effective, community-oriented way to work the way you want to work. By pooling members’ knowledge and building top-notch communal resources, people who cowork, like you, have the best of all worlds: Independence, an inspiring space, camaraderie, support, and a chance to meet some of the more interesting folks around.

Can I decorate my workspace?

If you choose a membership that includes a dedicated desk, we’d like nothing more than to meet your bobbleheads and see your most recent family photos (lookin’ good!). If your membership doesn’t include a dedicated desk, you may use a different desk every day. To keep those workspaces workable for everyone, we ask that you keep your keepsakes at home.

I’m social, sure, but are there private spaces for meetings?

There sure are. Meeting rooms and our huddle rooms, renovated and repurposed vintage elevator shafts (really!), are on every floor. We also have small and large conference rooms available. As a member you get a few conference room hours monthly and can book it for other times as well. For non-members, these rooms can be rented by the day or hour.

Can my dog cowork with me?

That’s a neat idea. Ask us again later.

Can I rent space here for my private event?

We think that’s a great idea. We’ve got outdoor and indoor space available. Get some details here then get in touch with us and tell us what you’re thinking.

What are the other coworkers like?

People who cowork are some of the best people out there. Collaborative, interesting, interested. You might meet an expert in their field, a writer working on a screenplay, a student who’ll someday be a household name, a designer with big dreams, or a team working on groundbreaking software. We like coworkers a lot.

Come see what we’re so excited about.

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