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Start by telling them coworking is awesome. Then, you can tell them that coworking offers a cost-effective, community-oriented way to work the way you want to work. By pooling members’ knowledge and building top-notch communal resources, people who cowork, like you, have the best of all worlds: Independence, an inspiring space, camaraderie, support, and a chance to meet some of the more interesting folks around.

You can start on any day of the month.

You only need to fill DeskLabs member exit form and follow the terms on it.

People who cowork are some of the best people out there. Collaborative, interesting, interested. You might meet an expert in their field, a writer working on a screenplay, a student who’ll someday be a household name, a designer with big dreams, or a team working on groundbreaking software. We like coworkers a lot.

Yes we pay 10% Broker Commissions to the Real Estate Brokers when they bring and sign up new members at DeskLabs. Please contact Membership Desk for further details

Yes, DeskLabs do promotions time to time during the year. So, please ask at the Membership Desk.

Wicked Fast WiFi Furnished workspaces including desks and chairs Conference room time Printing, copying, and scanning Gourmet coffee and espresso Indoor and Outdoor Workspaces

DeskLabs is open 24/7, just use your Key Fob to get in after 5!

Yes, you can schedule a tour in advance with us via phone at (773) 883-3033 or on our website.

Our space open 24 hours.

Members are able to make phone calls at DeskLabs. We also have phone booths available at DeskLabs for your use which you can do video calls as well.

There sure are. Meeting rooms and our huddle rooms renovated and repurposed vintage elevator shafts (really!), are on every floor. We also have small and large conference rooms available. As a member, you get a few conference room hours monthly and can book it for other times as well. For non-members, these rooms can be rented by the day or hour.

Yes, you can purchase a Day Pass at the rate of $35/day.

Yes, you can bring outside food to DeskLabs. We have refrigerator where you can keep your foods fresh and chilled.

If you choose a membership that includes a dedicated desk, we’d like nothing more than to meet your bobbleheads and see your most recent family photos (lookin’ good!). If your membership doesn’t include a dedicated desk, you may use a different desk every day. To keep those workspaces workable for everyone, we ask that you keep your keepsakes at home.